Comic Book Nerd Me Is Writing Again!

Okay, so I know most of you won’t care, but I do know I have some fellow Marvel geeks and geekettes out there, so I figured I’d plug something right quick. Please turn away if Marvel things aren’t really your style.


So remember earlier when I mentioned about having a lot of ideas and not enough time to write them? Well, I made a separate blog for said thoughts. Feel free to check it out, read my things, give me prompts, or what have you!

Radley Writes Marvel Things [< click if interested]

I only have one thing up so far, but I plan on writing more. Like I said, check it out if that is your thing and let me know what you think! Enjoy (:


Someone please pull me away from blandmarvelheadcanons page.

I am getting many, many ideas and I don’t have the proper amount of time to devote to these ideas that are now flowing around in my head. The want to see some of these blurbs in short story form is much too powerful.


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The IT Dept Is The Coolest Dept

We have already decided out group Halloween costume for the office costume contest!

We are going to go as the Ninja Turtles.

I’m going to be Raph cause I’m kinda grumpy.

I’m really excited about this.

We will dominate and keep our title of victors from last year’s Mario Kart awesomeness.

I can’t wait for Halloween now!

It’s My Friday!!

But I have to finish this Verizon report at work.

We have OVER 1300 lines with Verizon and guess who is the lucky girl that gets to audit all 1329 lines?

THIS GIRL! (yay me?)

So I will be here and there. So message me to pull my attention from the mindless spreadsheet?

funkybluelovin: TBH I think you are pretty awesome! Totally sisters from another mister. <3 

Totally yes!! <3

I Am An Adult?

Health Insurance.

I’m getting that shit.

I haven’t had insurance since I was 17.

Well, this is a strange new world.

Who decided I was an adult enough for this?



Am I the only one that thinks marvel should have made a new female/black character instead of changing the old ones? Like Thor is fucking Thor. Captain America is captain America. That’d be like instead of making princess Tiana her own new person they just took Ariel and made…

And you know damn well if we took a black character and made them white it’d be the end of the fucking world.

With Thor, it appears as though it is more of a title than an actual name. Thor has been a frog before (yeah, it was pretty ridiculous) and a horse alien. Pretty much anyone who Mjolnir finds worthy is capable of having the power of Thor. So like I said, more of a title thing than an actual name. At least, that seems to be how they’re playing it.

And Cap? Well, Steve Rogers hasn’t been the only Captain America before this change. For a while, his bestie Bucky (y’know, the Winter Soldier) took up the mantel there for a while. (hint: you could tell the difference by the chest of the costume) So this isn’t really something new, Steve passing along the costume to his friends. Chances are, if you’re friends with Steve, there’s a chance that you might be passed the uniform.


I am on mobile and didn’t realize that a couple of those messages got sent privately.


I adore all three of you lovely ladies. xxx

Anonymous: TBH, I think you might be one of the most positive and encouraging people I've seen! 

Dear anon, may I please give you the biggest hug ever?

WHAT. What. It hasn’t been working? No wonder you keep telling me to teleport to you! Psh. I can’t believe this XD

YES WOMAN! I told you this! PS: Where are the enchiladas you promised me last night?? IT HAS BEEN MORE THAN 20 MINUTES! =P

captainjaymerica: TBH I think you're awesome and we need to hang out and be comic book nerds together 

Yes, most definitely yes. This needs to happen. Let me get my teleporter back in working condition! It didn’t survive the trip to Baltimore.

erikawastaken: TBH...I think you are really amazing! 

Thank you, love! You are absolutely wonderful yourself xx

Write me a TBH (To be Honest), stating an honest fact or thought you feel about me. Or just something honest you wanna say to me. Start the sentence off with “Tbh”.

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Warped Tour Shirt Idea

The best friend and I are going to decorate shirts to wear to Warped Tour.

To be honest, we’re really only going for Anberlin. And there is a plus that a couple of the other bands will be there. I feel old because out of all of them, I maybe know ten? I remember the days when I knew them all.


We were thinking about

Front: “Is it alright if I call you lover”

Back: “Even though we don’t know each other?”

It’s from the first single from Lowborn “Stranger Ways” and I love it. It is also very catchy.