This timelord found her TARDIS!
Day Is Made

Ran through Westboro Baptist Losers.

It made me laugh.


Cosplay help??



Okay so I just found out that I’m going to dragoncon TOMORROW. I have never cosplayed before and don’t have any costumes. Any idea of something easy that I can throw together that won’t make me look like a total idiot?

becoming-rachelgreysummers xfitlibrarian Could you ladies help her out maybe???

What sort of things do you like? Feel free to message me and I’ll see what I can do to help you figure something out!

Ps: I too am at DragonCon!


My first panel for today is going to be comparing Buffy Summers and Harry Potter. Seems interesting enough!

And then a couple Star Trek things until the new Doctor Who episode gets shown. Eek!

I kinda want to go up to some person wearing Who things, grab their hand, and say “Run!” But my anxiety says just hang out in the back and not die in the crowds.

What is really crazy is I use to work like right here where everything is happening. I remember taking my lunch and seeing all the cosplays. This makes me happy.

I’ll check back in later. Tuesday I will return you to your regularly scheduled fitblr. But this weekend, be prepared for con talk and pictures!

I am the Doctor. You’re in grave danger.

Give me your hand.

Working With the Friend

So today went really well! We went about the same distance, but with the way she carried herself today, it was as though she was not having as many problems. Like her body knew what was coming and was already making plans to be able to pull through. We actually made it back to work right before the 40 minute call on Nike+ went off, so that’s doubly good. Yesterday we went like a minute or two over it?

She wants me to be all Personal Trainer-y with her over this. She wants me to help make plans and stuff she can do at home besides just the walking we are going to be doing 4 times a week. She also said that she thinks I should look into Personal Training Certs after I lose a bit more that way I’ll know what it is like to go from almost 300 pounds to fit and awesome.

It has never been something I’ve thought about, but we will see how things go with the friend and then go from there.

Back to the walk:

She is comfortable doing a mile and a half in 40 minutes. Granted, where we walk is all hills, so I assume it might be better if we were walking on flat ground. The plan right now is to get her to 2 miles by the end of September. If she reaches that before then, I will readjust her goals and we will go from there.

I’m really excited to watch her progress and be the one that helps her along. Yay!


becoming-rachelgreysummers Is it that time again already.

It is definitely that time again! Love it (:
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Lunch Time Shenanigans To Commence!

Time to go hit up the trail and walk a bit.

Gonna get the friend back on this walking thing (:

I forgot, I forgot, I forgot to tell you!!!!


I did a little running yesterday, granted it wasn’t much faster than my walking but I did it!! I started running during the chorus of the songs I was listening to. I had a little knee pain today but it’s my rest day so the timing is good I think! Yayayay!!!

becoming-rachelgreysummers your dedication and runs at an ungodly hour helped motivate me! Thanks honey!!

BABE! I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!! This is so fantastic!

Please keep up the awesome work. I can’t wait to see you progress <3


4 for Cary and 2 for Chekov. Cary Elwes is pulling into the lead!

Help me decide which panel to see at DragonCon!

jesslearningtobe: Cary! I had such a crush on him when I was younger! 

Girl, you and me both!! Hahaha! (:

That’s now 3 for Cary and 2 for Chekov!

Help me decide guys! It’s a tight race!

I would choose A, personally :) Either way you’ll have fun, gorgeous!!!

GAH! Now I’m 2 for Cary Elwes and 2 for Chekov! This is such a hard decisionnnnnnn.

But thank you, babe! I know I will (:

For me? B! HAVE FUN!

That’s 2 votes for Chekov and 0 for Cary!

Anyone else wanna give me their input to help me decide with panel to see?


So that’s one vote for Chekov and zero for Cary!

Help me decide whether to go to the Cary Elwes panel or the Chekov panel, please!


Guys guys guys

I have a SERIOUS question:

So Saturday, there are TWO panels that I want to witness that take place at the SAME EXACT TIME!


Should I see:

A. Cary Elwes: A Career of Unusual Size - Where Cary actually talks about his career and all his awesome things because he is Cary Elwes and he is amazing.


B. Chekov’s Enterprise - Where Walter Koenig (Chekov) talks about Star Trek and his amazing things because he is freaking Chekov.