It was a great weekend in baltimore, but it is time to head back home
Just got ready! tributetraining is on the search for bunny ears to wear and then to The Color Run we go!
In Case You Were Curious:

I did make it to Baltimore in one piece, barely.

I am now crashing as I am exhausted.

The Color Run with tributetraining in the morning!! Can’t wait to hang out with this awesome lady

Headed to Baltimore!!

I’m too fucking excited.

Can it be 11 already??

Wow, girl! Look at you! Your heart is so open to the sky! That is perfect! Great job! Have fun with the Color Run! Happy Easter!

Thank you!! It has taken a long time to get to that point (: And thank you! I will! I’m so excitedddd! And Happy Easter to you too, love <3

Dear Allergies,

Fuck off and leave me be.


Look at you! You’s amazing! :)

D’aw, thank youu! <3

Have fun!

Thank you! I shall!! (:


Day 18 of #vernalyogis  /  #becomingrachelgreysummers April Yoga Challenge, Standing Backbend
My back is possibly my least flexible area, running neck in neck with my hamstrings. With numerous injuries to it over the years, not sure it will ever be much more flexible than this.

I feel you on the least flexible place, Val. But you look great!
Happy Friday, #vernalyogis!!
I hope you guys are all excited about the weekend and Easter and awesome times that will come with it. I also hope the Easter Bunny leaves you some peanut buttery goodness!
I am excited because in just over 3 hours, I&#8217;ll be leaving work and heading up to Baltimore to spend the weekend with tributetraining! We have The Color Run tomorrow, so that&#8217;s super exciting. Expect hotel and Gettysburg yoga from me!
Today&#8217;s pose is just a standing back bend. Do not force yourself to go further back than you are ready for. It has taken me almost a year to get to this point. You don&#8217;t want to see what I originally started off with. It was bad. My back is my least bendy part on my body.
Please make sure to stretch and warm up before going back as far as you are currently able to go. Don&#8217;t want you guys to hurt yourselves!
Alright, go be good and have a fantabulous weekend! &lt;3