So I did some math and looks like my average caloric intake is actually kinda low. These are the days when I don’t go out to eat for lunch or dinner. I’m maybe hitting 1500?

What are some cheap, yes healthy snack options you guys like?

I’m looking for something I can maybe take to work and eat at my desk.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Convinced the roommate to come do legs day with me. She has no idea what she has gotten herself into.

Never gave it a try from plank. Will do!

Let me know what you think! (:


Yogi love may!
Hello! This is a challenge for beginners, truly beginners! If you want to beggin to practice yoga but don’t know how, I invite you to join me on May 1st, you only need a mat, comfortable clothing and too much positive energy!
Let’s get started:
Mountain pose
Chair pose
Standing forward bend
Downward Facing Dog Pose
Puppy Dog Stretch Pose
Dolphin pose
Sphinx pose & Upward-Facing Dog pose
Half frog pose (each leg)
Bound angle pose  
Reclined Bound Angle Pose
Locust Pose
Bow pose
Plank & Side plank pose (with knee down if you want)
Inverted plank pose or/& table pose
Bridge Pose
Seated Straddle 
Child Pose
Reclined Twist Pose
Paschimottanasana Pose
Seated Heart Opener Pose
Seated side stretch pose
Cat & Cow pose
Trikonasana pose
Reverse Triangle Pose (each side)
Wide Legged Standing Forward Fold Pose
parsva prasarita padottanasana (each side)
Warrior I & Warrior II
Low lunge pose & High Lunge
Extended Side Angle Pose (each side)
Tree pose
Mountain Pose back bend
How you can participate in the challenge:
Post your photo of the day on tumblr and tag it with #yogilovemay I will be tracking the tag and liking/commenting/reblogging them.(Optional) You can also tag me #yogipeach in your posts too
In each of your posts, include a note about something you love or like about yourself or your personality.
yogilovemay it will be on instagram too.
So the intention of yogilovemay it’s to share what we love about ourselfs, too many times we share what we love, but sometimes we are so hard on ourselfs that we don’t see how much we love our body or personality, so I thought that it would be nice sentiment to bring into may challenge. This can help carry you through your time on the mat, and you’ll see your body and yourself very different, because you’ll stop judging yourself and your body.
Remember to have fun, breathe, and enjoy your time on the mat, so please do not force your body into a certain pose if you do not feel ready. Remember try to enjoy it, we are not trying to do yoga perfectly. Please don’t be discouraged if you have trouble with the pose of the day; message me and i´ll be more than happy to help you. Please enjoy this month’s challenge and I’m so excited to practice with you. I can’t wait to see all of your posts!
hosted by Savannah! 

Look guys! Savannah is hosting a challenge in May! Great beginning poses for those of you that are wanting to get in to yoga and are a bit intimidated by some of the more complicated challenges. You should definitely check it out.
I’ll try to do it as well, but I might fall behind as fromsmallvilletosuperman and I are hosting one as well and I do really bad with keeping up. So forgive me in advance, Savannah! (:
strife2013 replied to your post:PONIES!
So cute

It really is! Just type: /ponystream and you get non stop ponies until you type it again!! I love it xD

mastoidprocess: Your new username is glorious. 


Why thank you.

Posting publicly as a PSA:
- ugwbliss is now gainsforgotham
- I also have a new picture
- good luck figuring out who I am on your dash for the next two weeks
- I love you all

This totally threw me off for a second. Thanks for that =P

Reblogging to help spread the word that ugwbliss is now gainsforgotham!


So my coworker just sent me the update for Google Hangouts and apparently you can activate a PONY STREAM to run across the bottom of the screen.


My day is made.

fatgirlgetsfitatlast: Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly, and then send it to ten of your favorite followers ♥ 

Sorry it has taken me so long to respond to this! I had to think about 5 things. Is that bad? So let’s see…

  1. I’m pretty sure I’ve got the “how to be a friend” thing down pretty well, thus making me a pretty good friend to have.
  2. I’m a good driver. My dad says that he could sleep in the passenger seat with me driving, and he only says that to people he really feels comfortable riding with.
  3. I seem to be the go to person in my group of friends and coworkers when someone has a question pertaining to Marvel Comics and that makes me happy.
  4. Like I mentioned this morning, I’m starting to see super teeny, tiny baby back muscles trying to form and this makes me too excited.
  5. And lastly… I’m proud of the slow progress I’ve made in the past two months. I know I mentioned yesterday that I was a little upset with the inches thing, but I’ve noticed areas of improvement elsewhere and that is a total plus.

Thanks for asking me, Val!

yogaquest: I am including this as your five as well because I’m really horrible at coming up with five more things to include, but thank you for thinking about me when sending me this!

Y’all are the bestest <3

Yeaaaaaaah girl get ittttttt!

That’s the plan! xD Thank you, love! (:

congratulations to you and your baby muscles!

thank you!! (:

This Morning

when I got out of the shower, I was looking in the mirror, right?

And I think I started to see some sort of definition forming on my back. Granted, I had to flex for it to make itself known, BUT I think the muscle is trying to peek out just a tiny bit.

I was incredibly too excited for something so small.

I’m easily amused.

I’m sorry.


don’t date anyone who doesn’t think hawkeye is a valuable member of the avengers

(via tributetraining)

Well, keep going. BTW it is so difficult to lose weight around your hips. You are doing well. Just keep going.

Thank you, hun! No worries about the keeping on going. I’ve got a long, across Tennessee relay to get ready for next year xD

I really kind of adore this picture with tributetraining and Liam! I really think I want to buy it from the site. I think it&#8217;s the only one that they took that I actually really like.
This weekend was just so awesome. I wish I didn&#8217;t live a million hours away from Baltimore.
But yes. I am totally buying this picture. It will be mine to own.