August 1: Bound Angle Pose

Yay yoga! I k ow it is getting late, but I had to take Coulson to get an oil change and take the father to the store. Much running around after getting off work. Add in Atlanta traffic and you’ve got yourself hours of fun! But not really…


It felt great to have a legit yoga session tonight. My hips felt a little tight, but that’s because I’ve been out of practice for a little bit. I’m glad to be getting back into it.

And I’m glad so many of you wanted to join me! I didn’t really think anyone would, so that’s exciting! Accountability partners! Seriously,  if I start slacking, I give y’all permission to yell at me, okay?

Let’s make August a great month for yoga (:
Oh Noes!

I have a grey streak of hair forming. Much like Rogue ‘s grey streak, but further back on my head.


Yeah…. Not that big of a secret considering how long the Winter Solider story had been out for before the movie.

EXACTLY! Which is why I said nothing back. It makes it worse because she claims to read Marvel comics and Captain America and stuff. I’m like “if you would have really read them, you’d know.” I’m just gonna be good though and not say anything.

I’ll do it with ya! :D

YES! Join meeeeeee <3


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Oh Dear God…

So last night after I got home, I posted on Facebook that Guardians was amazing and is in my top three Marvel films made thus far.

An oldddddd friend from high school commented “I can’t wait to see it! BTW you spoiled Winter Soldier for me.”

As I am very careful with spoilers and the like, I was genuinely curious and asked how.

"When you saw it, you posted a picture of yourself dressed as the Winter Soldier and said your favorite was Bucky Barnes."

For someone who supposedly reads comics, you totally missed the fact that Bucky became the Winter Soldier??

I am revoking your comic reading access, right meow. Hand it over and go to your room.

August Yoga Concentration!

Okay, so my goal for this month is to practice yoga daily. I have gotten out of this habit and I don’t like it. So I’m going to use this month to get back into it. I have compiled a list of poses that I want to particularly practice each day. These poses will be used as the proof that I practiced. I will have to post the photos each day to be held accountable. Please yell at me if it is getting late and you don’t see a pose from me. I will love you greatly. And if anyone wants to join me, just let me know! (:

  1. Bound Angle Pose
  2. Camel Pose
  3. Gate Pose
  4. Cow Face Pose
  5. Side-Reclining Leg Lift
  6. Marichyasana I
  7. Upward-Facing Dog
  8. Eagle pose
  9. Full Boat Pose
  10. Cat Cow Pose
  11. Big Toe Pose
  12. Fish Pose
  13. Garland Pose
  14. Half Lord Of The Fishes Pose
  15. Upward Plank Pose
  16. One Legged King Pigeon Pose
  17. Extended Side Angle Pose
  18. Reclining Hero Pose
  19. Happy Baby Pose
  20. Seated Forward Bend
  21. Wild Thing Pose
  22. Half Moon Pose
  23. Fire Log Pose
  24. Wide-Legged Forward Bend
  25. Locust Pose
  26. Lord Of The Dance Pose
  27. Plank Pose
  28. Intense Side Stretch Pose
  29. Bow Pose
  30. Warrior III
  31. King Cobra Pose
love this! yoga is such a nice way to decompress. maybe i’ll join you in this!

You totally should! It could definitely help you relax a bit (:

The feels. I love yoga and I love how I feel when I practice regularly, but I find it so easy to fall out of the habit of doing it :/

Yes yes yes. All of this! I am glad that I am not the only one that feels the same.

Getting Back Into Daily Yoga

That is my goal for the month. To get back into doing yoga on the daily.

I think I’m going to have my own personal yoga challenge. I’m going to go through and find poses that I find complicated and assign them to days of the month.

I have to post pictures of the poses each day to help keep myself accountable.

I will have the list up by the end of the day and before I go to bed tonight, I will have today’s pose in picture form.

I have to get back into this. I notice a difference in the way that I feel when I have daily yoga practice.


When you see it, message me so we can fangirl and giggle about that credits scene!

Getting ready for Guardians with a Gamora color - themed outfit and makeup! (:


becoming-rachelgreysummers, you have been such a ridiculously amazing support to me. i cannot express how much i appreciate your constant kindness. you seriously have a heart of gold. you have been more supportive than many of my friends irl. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. you mean so much to me.

Nope. Not crying because this was incredibly touching. Nope. There is not water in my eyeballs. You are so welcome, sweetheart. I adore you! <3

Shameless Self Promo

Because I wrote something new on radleywrites and I know there are Marvel people that follow me that might dig it…

It contains Tony not sleeping and Rhodey doing what best friends are here to do for us.

Check it out. Give it a read maybe? Also, if you do read it, give me honest opinions!

Thanks guys (: