Lovingyogis Yoga Challenge: Days 1, 2, 3

1: Mountain Pose

2. Wild Thing (I’m getting so much better in this pose! Over the past two months that I’ve practiced it, I can now actually hold the pose for about ten breaths without thinking I’m dying. It makes me so excited!)

3. Revolved Seated Forward Twist (I can’t do a forward bend all the way to touch my toes yet, so there’s no revolving. I’m still working on getting my back to bend. It is better than it was a couple months back, but it is no where near where I want it to be!)

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  1. sassyyogi said: great try though!! <: you look great! keep going! <3
  2. supersizetosuperhero said: MY YOGA HERO! I cannot believe the stupid power you have to make me be like “FUCK YEAH YOGA LET’S BEND BITCHES!”
  3. fatgirlgetsfitatlast said: That Wild Thing looks awesome! I’m not sure how to even attempt that! One day … :)
  4. lifeofgiggles said: So improvement, such yoga, wow! Cootiepatootie Tell me to go sleep. Cause I can’t make myself :/
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