Lovelyogis Yoga Challenge: Days 1, 2, 3

1. Sun Salutation/Downward Dog with Twist

2. Shavasana (I didn’t even attempt grasshopper. I need a lot of work before I can build up to that one.)

3. (supposed to be) Wheel Pose: (I can’t get into wheel yet. I tried. So I substituted with Bridge because it is about all I can do at this point in time. One day. I will keep working on it. My back will bend.)

Something I love: My two bad fur babies! Pickle and the Doctor. They are my munchkins and I missed them soooo much last week when I wasn’t home to see them every day. They are my babies <3

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  1. fatgirlvsgym said: Back bends lookin good!!
  2. fatgirlgetsfitatlast said: The grasshopper is actually a ‘grasshopper prep’ hip opener and was quite good — check it out. Not actually a yoga pose, but a nice stretch. You’re doing great! We will totally get to that wheel!
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