Nerd Yoga Part 2: Lovelyogis Challenge Days 4-8 as Natasha Romanoff

I opted for the easier poses for the catch-up today. Some of the harder/more advanced ones are a little bit out of my comfort zone. I need to work on that though. I want to push myself and my body through yoga.

"I’ve been thinking a lot about Life and Death during the past twelve Hours. When something surrounds and madly engulfs your entire Existence, you can’t help but give it more than just casual Consideration. Life is Fluid. Some 90 % of what we are is made up of Water. Without this precious Liquid we are nothing. We cease to exist. We’re dead. This Water’s carried around in Thinskinned Sacks. We must all be Insane to race recklessly about in World filled with so many sharp and pointed Dangers. That’s just asking for Trouble."

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