Tonight was my first run in a little over a month. So here, have a sweaty face picture xD

My knee finally stopped hurting so I decided to go ahead and give it a go tonight. I am SO PLEASED that I did too.

Today I got my fastest mile times!

I mean, I know that I’m not fast or anything by any means what so ever. But for me, this is fast, okay?

I would have kept going to a 5K, but I got a cramp in my left calf and had to stop. It hurt like a bitch and I couldn’t push myself through it.

But I did run the entire 2.45 miles, no stopping for walking breaks or anything! That’s also the most I’ve ever ran straight through without stopping! I am really excited, can you tell?

I wish I could have pushed through the cramp though. My fastest 5K time is at 45 minutes. Blah, I know. I was on track to throw that out the freaking window! But fucking cramp. Maybe more water is necessary?

I’m really excited for tomorrow’s run now (:

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